Eine Bewegung hin zum Tanz

The Searchers (Der schwarze Falke, USA 1956, John Ford)

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"This is the moment I wait for every time I watch the film. As the dust kicked up by Ethan's horse swirls around him. Martin's leap seems to transform his motion; and in contrast to the jerking and pulling of the horse, Martin's body seems to float. While the rest of the action remains at regular speed, Martin seems momentarily to slow down, his right leg bending gracefully at the knee. These movements seem to transform the dramatic meaning of the action from conflict to coordination, from fighting to dancing. This moment - this action - is for me the most beautful in the entire film."


Christian Keathley (2006): Cinephilia and History, or The Wind in the Trees. Bloomington, S. 154.

Eine genauere Analyse der Szene im Sinne einer cinephiliac anecdote lässt sich ebd. unter S. 153ff. finden.