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cinephiliac moment: L'argent de poche (François Truffaut, FR 1976), Girish Shambu

   L'argent de poche (François Truffaut, FR 1976)

"In Truffaut's Small Change (1976), a young girl and her dad (played by Truffaut) visit a small town that happens to be located right at 'the center of France'. She mails a card to a friend; we cut to a classroom and her friend reading the card in class when he's supposed to be paying attention to the teacher. The teacher notices this, and instead of punishing him — as he might have done if this were The 400 Blows [1959] — quietly takes the card from him, turns to the blackboard, and uses it as a springboard for a geography lesson. It’s a casual moment that lasts all of a few seconds, but it always stops me short by reminding the teacher in me that there are two ways to go with every situation that arises in a classroom: you can suppress an errant impulse by punishing it, or you can constructively use it to collective benefit."


Girish Shambu (2006): "The Cinephiliac Moment". Auf: girish.

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