Das Rot ihrer Lippen

Rebel Without a Cause (...denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun, USA 1955, Nicholas Ray)
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"Extremely distraught, Judy [Natalie Wood] tells of her father's violent reaction to her appearance earlier in the evening: he grabbed her face and rubbed her lipstick off so roughly that she exclaims, 'I thought he'd rub off my lips!' As she tells this story, the camera frames her tightly, and the viewer's eye is unavoidably drawn to the bright, glossy, red lipstick she is wearing, the redness of which is all more heightened by its proximity to her red overcoat. The combination of this CinemaScope close-up, Judy's bizzare and disquieting story, and the supersaturated red lipstick, bestows this moment with a hallucinatory charge."   


Christian Keathley (2006): Cinephilia and History, or The Wind in the Trees. Bloomington, S. 168.

Eine genauere Analyse der Szene im Sinne einer cinephiliac anecdote lässt sich ebd. unter S. 168ff. finden.