Mit dem Schlüssel in der Hand

Laura (USA 1944, Otto Preminger)

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"What has kept me thinking about this scene, these few brief seconds devoid of dialogue and presenting little action? The answer lies in this minute detail: in his right hand, McPherson [Dana Andrews] holds the key to Laura's [Gene Tierney] apartement, and as he examines the crime scene, he holds the key at his side and swings it back and forth subtly, freely, nonchalantly. It is the repetitive and varying motion of the key swinging in his hand that I find so mesmerizing."


Christian Keathley (2006): Cinephilia and History, or The Wind in the Trees. Bloomington, S. 164.

Eine genauere Analyse der Szene im Sinne einer cinephiliac anecdote lässt sich ebd. unter S. 164ff. finden.